Wednesday, 1 February 2017

My Poem: A Tribute To Aamir Liaqat

I gave you the bikes and cars
Machines,  jewelry and gold bars.

And you always loved my charms
As I said, “Aam Khaye Gi, Aam?”

Hours and hours you stood there to watch me,
As I gave you what you desired, not what needed.

Bu then I changed my way, and left that fame,
But you remained all the same.

And I started the journey of the truth.
For you was that all my care and ruth

And I pointed the vultures standing among you
Who worked for wolves and you never got a clue.

The vultures who did corruption and stealing
Who took your blood, and the name of healing

And tried to turn you against your soldiers, your heroes.
But I turned their all, ones into zeroes.

But when my deeds, vultures did hear,
“They got exposed” this, how could have they bear?

They started the movements to cover their tracks,
And you my people, again got hacked.

But warriors of truth, and the love for heroes again will rise.
Then vultures would leave the realm, if they were wise.

Because… No more will lies divide,
What truth can join together.

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