Sunday, 12 March 2017

My first review on the last episode of "The Vampire Diaries"

Spoilers ahead. In case you have not watched "the end". Don't read it yet.

"For over a century, I have lived in secrets. Hiding in the shadows, alone in the forests. I'm a vampire, and this is my story."
But he was not a vampire. Not anymore. But, he was a hero. Always! 

After 8 nostalgic, dark, fantastic, gothic, surprising, supernatural, and extra-ordinarily years, the ship finally found the shore. After an era of a tragedy, they have found peace.

Stefan Salvatore could not let his hero hair stir helping save the town, and making everyone's life better, especially his brother's, ignoring his own like he always had, left the world, but surely he found peace in the better world.

Damon Salvator... the nicknamester, finally got the girl, and his humanity back. And finally a happy ever after.

Katherine Pierce The Selfish, Lying, Manipulative (also Surviving Expert) Bitch, survived not only hell, but even played with the Devil (Arcadeus) the same way she did Salvatores, and Mighty Mikaelsons.
She made a pretty glorious and thrilling entry by fooling Damon, just like the premier of Season 2. And almost obliterated Mystic Falls off the face off earth, unsuccessfully (thanks to Stefan and Bonnie). Her Majesty (the Hell Queen) did her best, though.

Bonnie Bannet saved the world. Yes, that is so Bonnie, always trying to save the world. And sometimes, her friends are her world. Always so forgiving that she did not make an exception even for "The Humanity Less Stefan" and forgave him too.

Elena Gilbert... (NiDo) did not disappoint us. She came back to rescue us from sadness and longing. We saw her when Stefan was saying good-bye to her (most emotional and heart melting scene of the day) which made every Fangfan's heart burst. Later, Bonnie Bannet got her back, by breaking the unbreakable "sleeping beauty spell". And she reunited with her lover, and friends, and family. She definitely completed the show. A beautiful and satisfying ending would not be possible without her.

Caroline Forbes and Alaric Saltzman are opening a new school for magically specially children... "Salvator Boarding School" (Just like Charles Xavier's I guess).

Other Charachters also made brief apperances. Jeremy Gilbert reruited as teacher in The School. And the ones watching over their loved ones. Tyler Lockwood, Vicki Donavan, Jenna Summers, Jo Parker, and other witches along with Sheila Bannet and Enzo St. John, helping Bonnie save the day, Lexi Branson meeting Stefan on the edge of peace. It was all so nastalgic, and sadly beautiful.

Guess we all loved it.

And who said that the story could have completed without The Big Bad Wolf, Niklaus Mikaelson... Yes he did not come, but he definitely made a huge entry by making a donation to their "New School" with a note reminding Caroline that he's always gonna be there.
Guess he does not intend to be "utterly and infinitely alone" for "always & forever."

And in the end. There was a Salvatore Bros. reunion, just like their first, with a little... "Hello Brother!"

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