Saturday, 2 September 2017

Explosions in your mind.

You lose. You fall. Damn... You even have mushroom clouds blowing inside my mind. It seems like the lava is gonna take everything good that exists inside your head. And hell it does...

But then, sometimes you have to be strong. Without letting anyone know that you have fallen. Not because you are so strong.  Not because you do not feel. Hell you do. And the agony like hell, you face it. Secretly. In your heart.
Your most of parts are wounded, and you have only choice to carry them them all along and let the world laugh at your-self, or you can hurt yourself a little more and rip them away and walk like an "invincible person." Who bows down for no one, but only for the One who created him.

And damn it... You gotta choose the second one. Because what you see as damnation, is going to become your salvation, eventually.

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